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Canopy PMP400 Series

Canopy PMP400 Series
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Brand: Cambium Networks
Model: PMP400

High performance in the 4.9 GHz band. Municipalities, counties and local governments need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that is rapidly deployed. The PMP 49400 provides up to 20 Mbps of useable throughput in a 10 MHz channel. OFDM technology enables near line of sight connectivity for difficult to reach locations. 



  • Leased line replacement
  • Video Surveillance
  • Notification systems
  • Traffic monitoring and control

Key Benefits

  • Easy to deploy
  • Reliable all weather performance
  • Low latency

Enterprises, government organizations and service providers can extend high-speed connectivity to reach unserved and hard-to-reach locations and customers.

  • High Throughput
  • Extended Range and Coverage
  • Scalability
  • Low Latency
  • Compatibility