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Cambium LINKPlanner

Cambium LINKPlanner
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Brand: Cambium Networks
Model: LINKPlanner

The LINKPlanner is a customized tool for designing and configuring Point-to-Point links. Available to support the breadth of the Cambium portfolio, the application allows operators to determine link performance characteristics for the PTP 800 Licensed Ethernet Microwave Series and for the PTP 300, 500 and 600 Series of unlicensed and shared wireless bridges. The LINKPlanner, available for PCs and Macs, allows you to conduct "what if" scenarios, based on geography, distance, antenna height, transmit power and other factors, to optimize system performance before purchase. 

LINKPlanner is Cambium’s next generation link planning tool. With its elegant link design and intelligence, the newly improved tool continues to grow in popularity as the most trusted and intuitive RF link planning tool in the industry. Tens of thousands of links have been successfully deployed across the globe using the LINKPlanner. 


Quick Start
Path profile information comes directly from Cambium Networks’ servers – with no web form to complete – and is sent as an email, to be imported into the LINKPlanner tool. 

Graphical Display
Optimize a link before deployment by changing input data to see the effect on performance and throughput. For example, if a link calculation indicates low throughput, then a number of factors (product type, frequency, channel bandwidth, antenna height, antenna size etc) can be changed to see the improvement on link performance. 

Timeliness and Reporting
Typically the link planning process takes approximately an hour, and the resulting report provides graphical and textual detail of the path and its projected performance.